Mjölkpallen, Långalma

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Långalma, Östhammar – In Midvinterduell, popularly called “The Milking Stool”, farmer Egon fights against superior forces in the form of the highway department.

When Swedish Television shot the film in the winter of 1982, they searched far and wide for the idyllic farm where Egon and his wife Lina lived. They found what they were looking for here in Långalma.

For you who know the story, Egon refuses to comply with the Highway Department, which wants all the farmers to leave their milk at a central recovery point. Even though it’s not far to go, Egon refuses to do as he is instructed. As Egon put it: “If they don’t ask us about a pissant little thing like a milking stool, they’re not gonna ask us when they come to cut our balls off. We’re not steers!”

Lars once answered, when asked how he came up with the story: “Well… It was simple. I stole the story from a Western I saw once. A man from the wide open plains with a gunman named Shane.
The film naturally ends with the little man victorious and the Supervisor of Roads crawling out of a wrecked truck with his pants ripped in the back, completely humiliated.

Incidentally, Lars, in his capacity as Supervisor of Roads, is said to have run over a milking stool belonging to one of the farmers in the district. The stubborn farmer wanted to be paid well, and Lars had to pay a goodly sum to appease him. This may have been the origin of the film.

You’re welcome to photograph yourselves sitting like Egon and Lina on this copy of the milking stool made and donated by Ånö Bygg.

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